The Old Woman

The Old Woman

            This morning started out like any morning. I woke up at 6:45 am and made my way down stairs to make my cup of Joe and then I head to the porch to watch Janis sexy great nephew work on her yard across the street. Before I can get out the kitchen, the phone rings. Oh my its not good news, I thought to myself. Besides the newspaper, only bad news is delivered this time of morning. I answered. It was Milton. He was getting evicted from his senior citizen condo down in Florida and had six days to pay or move. I haven’t heard from him since I did not approve of him marring a man. The church still hold me accountable for his action. It’s been so long an-and I thought he was presumed dead.

Mom, I need $2000 for my mortgage I haven’t paid in 4 months. Said Milton on the other end

But ain’t Brian family rich? They can give you more than I can dream about is what you screamed to me, on the porch, the porch I birth you on that you refuse to come visit.

I didn’t lose touch with you because I had it all. I lost touch because I lost it all by chasing what I thought I wanted. Said Milton. And Brian died fifteen years ago.

Well what happen to you? I asked. But Milton would not answer the question and all he could do was cry and apologizing for allowing me to grow old with out him being here to assist me.

I called the church and they told me you were still alive. I’m glade. Because I can try and right my wrong with you before the lung cancer take me like it Brian

A old woman, who raise an only child who turned out to be gay. I can still hear better than most. I still have my sight. I beat cancer three times. I made it to see 112 years old. I would say, this old woman turn out better than most.    






Whew! Yes! I got through another workday. “Working as a housekeeper for the University of Baltimore has to be the worst job on this planet.” I said to myself while I was walking up Maryland Avenue to the #3 bus stop. God I hope the bus is on time today. And I hope this asshole of a thug don’t be around to flirt with me either. I don’t know why attract males who has no ambition the same as me. I work, go to school, and am very independent. Guys like him look at woman like me as to take care of them why they lay around all day. I personally blame the mothers raising them today. “Shit my feet hurt.” I said out loud. It feels like I have been walking on barbwire all day. Well at least the weather is beautiful. The sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky. Yes! No one is here and I have the whole bus stop to myself; this way I don’t have to fight for a seat on the bus.

I was pissed my car had been in the shop for a week and I had to wait until tomorrow to get it. Having a car is like raising a child. And to top it all off, I left my head phones in my locker at work. I wanted to go back and get them, but I did not want to miss the bus and have to wait and extra twenty minutes until the next one. With my car situation and working like a slave today, the last thing I want is to be bothered by anyone.

“Awe shit,” I said out loud but soft enough to make sure no one cold hear me; here comes that damn asshole of a thug walking down Preston Street. He spotted me, and flashed that big Kool-Aid smile. I admit he does have a handsome smile. He has his pants hanging off his waist and he has gold fronts in his mouth. I don’t like him because he is ignorant and special {not in a good way but slow in the head kind of way special}. As he got closer he began to pick up his speed. All I could do was turn my smile upside down and roll my eyes.

What’s up ma? He said.

Nothing. I replied

Awe don’t be like that.

I just ignored him. He still has that big goofy smile on his face, as he looked me up and down.

mmmm. He said

ewww. I said

Come on ma let me get that number. Imma nigga that got money and shit.

Wow! Is all I could say. How stupid and ignorant he talked. What else can I expect? This is how the mothers are raising them and sending them out into the world in today’s time.

Damn don’t act like that. He said.

Act like what? I told you yesterday I don’t want you. Leave me alone. After work I just want to go home.

You got your own spot ma?

I just rolled my eyes and walked about four feet away from him.

See I get $4000 a month so you wouldn’t need to work or be on the bus. He said.

See I’m about to go and cop the infinity truck. He said.

So you’re a drug dealer? I asked

No I have lead. He replied.

That explains a lot I thought to myself. The lead is the cause behind his stupidity.

At this time more people started to arrive to the bus stop. There was an old woman who was walking from Preston Hall. She is wearing a blue two-piece suite, and walks like Quasimodo. I felt bad that the way this old lady walks she has to rely on public transportation; and a guy walking from Meyerhoff Symphony Hall wearing a CES security uniform. I looked down at my watch and saw that the bus was due in five minutes. I flashed a smile.

You have a pretty smile. The asshole thug said.

I know. I replied. I saw he came closer to me and I decided to walk pass him to get ahead.

Hello young people! Said the old lady.

The thug, the security officer, and I all spoke back to the old lady. I started to hold a conversation with the security officer because I was looking for a part-time job. I need extra money, which I learned from having my car in the shop and not being able to afford a rental car.

Hello my name is Felicia, is your job hiring part-time? I asked the security officer.

No ma’am I’m sorry, but I would recommend you go on our website and fill out an application. The security officer said.

Thank you sir! Although I was polite, I did not like his answer.

Awe Felicia that’s a sexy name. Said the asshole thug.

I just looked at him. Both the old lady and the security officer laughed at him. I was pissed because he seemed to like that he had a little audience.

Awe honey he is a sweet boy don’t be like that. The old lady said.

I’m good ma’am. I said.

Awe you one of them independent chicks? The security officer asked.

Oh hell no I am being attacked on this bus stop. I feel like the new kid at school.

While trying to remain clam and respectful, I said “I told this fool yesterday I was not interested, I am single and enjoy it.” I already hate the fact that I have to ride public transportation, the last thing I need is for this guy flirting with me. The old lady replied, “awe honey child life is to short not to share it with someone.” That’s right.” Said the security officer. The thug smile became even bigger as if he knew I was about to give in to him. He has advocates and he fells he has a chance now.

“Look I said I’m not interested.” I said and am now agitated. I looked down at my watch and saw that the bus is now ten minutes late. “Shit the damn bus is late.” I said. “It’s not lady like to curse.” Said the thug. “Shut Up!” I screamed at him. I am at the max now of being pissed. “Baby girl why are you acting like that?” the security officer asked.

Let me ask you sir, do you have daughters? I asked the security officer.

Yes ma’am I do.

Would you accept them bringing home to you a man who is ignorant, wears his pants off his ass, wear gold fronts, don’t know how to talk to a woman, or don’t have a job-but live off a lead check?

The security officer could not answer. But the old lady sure did have a lot to say.

“Honey no one is perfect. And beside you have to show them, teach them, men are different from us woman.” Said the old woman.

No that’s their mother job to teach them. I said. I don’t have children.

Well my mom worked a lot so I aint know a lot, know what I’m saying ma. You seem like you have it together and not like these thots out here want to get a nigga trap with a baby. The thug said.

“See hun he’s not a bad guy.” The old lady said.

I could not hear my ears. I turned to the direction the bus would have came and was happy it was coming. The light changed and here comes the bus. My adrenaline is pumping and is happy like a kid on Christmas. “Out Of Service” was the message flashing on the bus as the bus drives pass us. I was now off the radar of the pissed meter. If I knew I was going to be picked on, on the bus stop, I would have went back for my headphones. I thought about walking up to the next bus stop, but my feet was in too much pain.

“Baby girl not all men are the same.” The security officer said interrupting my train of thoughts.

That must be an all time man quote, “Not all men are the same.” I did not want to talk to these people no more and the thug still has the same big Kool-Aid smile flashing across his face making my blood boils even hotter. I kept my back turned from them trying to hint to them that I wanted to be alone.

Although I was trying to be in my own world, I could hear the old lady behind me trying to make the thug feel better and was talking loud enough to make me feel bad. I just tuned them out and then a light bulb went off, I could call the bus company and find out the status of the bus. As I was doing so, the bus was coming and it was in service. The bus was crowed and the bus driver did not stop.

“Hey my cousin got a car and he live not to far from here want me to take you home.” The thug asked me.

I turned around so fast and could not control my words.

“Stupid what the hell I look like?” boo boo the fucking fool. You trying real hard to find out where I live huh? And let me guess, you hope you make it inside and get the pussy too huh?

I was so furious all I could see was red. The old lady and the security officer made an ugly face at me. I am confused at how they were not on my side. He has a daughter and wouldn’t accept this kind of thug as a son-in-law and I know she wouldn’t allow her granddaughter to bring this thug home either. “Awe here comes the bus.” I said. The thug walked away and the old lady, the security officer, and I all got onto the bus. As the bus drove off, I looked out the window and saw the thug walking with his head hanging low as if someone died.





Why I’m Not “Good People”

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I’m not a nice person.

I’m not a good person.

I’m not a kind person.

This isn’t to say that I don’t ever try to be any of these three things.  I do, especially the last two.

It’s more to say that, for me, surviving in this cissexist, racist, ableist, heteronormative, classist, often fucked up world of ours has involved rejecting the idea that “good” and “bad” are static states of being.  I will never be a “good person” because, to me, “good” is not something that you achieve.  It’s an ongoing process that never ends.

It is, in fact, almost impossible not to be doing bad things as well as good when you are human and therefore flawed.  Especially when you are part of a messed up system, as we all are.

This, to me, is why it’s important to call out bad behavior, or hurtful language, or even…

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Good Morning!!! 😊😊😊😊😊 To all my beautiful Woman 

Today is a new day

Start over

Forget yesterday’s Pain

Forget negative people who hate you, its their problem not yours

Read your goal list & if you dont have one MAKE ONE!

No complaint or excuses today (i cant live my life because I have kids, even though he drags me down i can’t leave him we been together xyz amount of years)







Woman In Power 

I decided to support NBC new show “State of Afairs”  because they had not only a woman as the president, but a black woman, and not because it was any black woman, it was the great Alfre Woodard. Now her chief of staff talks down to her as if he is not happy to have a female boss, a woman in charge. Now on “Scandal” the chief of staff listen to the president once the president raises his voice and puts his foot down. I would love to see “State of Afairs” do better with showing Alfre Woodard character having more power. 

Hello Blogging World!

This is where I will be promoting my short stories. My mission is to tell short stories about everyday life that will help people. It is easy to give someone advice but I feel it would be more effective if someone reads a story about real life situations.

I will also be publishing poems.

Fell free to give feed back on my work.

Thank You In Advance!

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